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Emotional portrait

Well, today I'm also starting a commisioned portrait, it's a memorial for a young girl and as I'm finishing the drawing and prepping the canvas I can't help to get emotionally invested with the subject... It's weird how you really get attached to whatever you're painting, I've come to realize that, specially with portraits, there comes a time when I find myself so absorbed with their stories that I feel as if they where part of my life in some way...

What makes this portrait specially emotional for me is that she regretably passed away recently, and at a very young age (if that makes any difference) I hope the painting will bring some comfort to her family.

As I transfer the sketch on to the canvas I notice an air of solemnity in my study, I also realize that I myself am more ... ceremonious? today is june the 5th and we there's a tropical storm passing by so the day is also gloomy and grey, but this girl is still smiling at me, in a field of burnt sienna, for the time being...

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