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"Self taught"

So, a while ago I used to think of myself as a "self taught" artist, no formal art classes, no École des Beaux-Arts, just me and my canvas, some paintings, and my imagination... lies!

Nothing further from the truth, I now realize how much can one learn from others, and I want to take a moment to acknowledge my masters.

This could be usefull too if you are an art enthusiast and want to take advantage of the greatest teachers there are in the web, so without further ado, thanks to my theachers:

Mark Carder - There is no better method for learning how to paint in oils, and it's for free!

Mark is a highly regarded american artist who has painted the portraits of two US Presidents, among other personalities, he's also owner of a line of artist's oils and gear called Geneva Fine Art Supplies, and teaches FOR FREE through his "Draw Mix Paint" and Youtube channel, I will post the links at the end.

His lessons have been incredibly helpful and his work is truly invaluable, he's generous enough to share his knowledge with the world, I really encourage you to take a look at his work, it's amazing.

Andrew Tischler - Also a great artist of realism, his work wil blow your mind, he is also super generous and shares his knowledge in Youtube, with interesting and detailed lessons on all topics painting related.

Ben Lustenhower - Also, Youtube, his portraits are out of this world and he has a very nice way to theach about colors and facial anatomy.

These are my masters, and I'd like to thank them for their generosity it's truly a gift to all

this are the links:

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