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Starting a new painting

Well today I'm starting a new painting, thankfully I've got 3 commissioned works so I'll have my hands full for the next couple of weeks, all this makes my procastination powers tingle...

There's something about a white canvas that triggers my imagination, I feel an obssesive desire to cover it immediately with paint, the downside is that my creative juices start flowing and I get easily distracted from the commissioned work, so I have to doodle and make quick studies and digital mockups for a later time, and when it's finally out of my system, then I can start working on the "serious" pieces.

Often, once I'm done with my job, I revisit those ideas and studies, there might be something good there, more frecuently than not, it's all just nonsense and doodle-like stuff, just random ideas with no depth, but sometimes, I get caught with something, I guess quality does come out from quantity, in my case behind a painting there are a lot of doodles and dribble that slowly take shape and meaning.

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