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Starting a New Painting

Hey it's monday and I'm starting this comissiond piece it's fairly big, 220 x 150 cms, I like painting on big canvases, it's very satisfying once they are completed.

Last year I painted a Koi pond (also a comission) and it seems someone liked it and wanted one for themselves, the thing is that I don't like to paint "copies" or repaint my old works, it's funny but, once I get them out of my system, the sole thought of it makes me reluctant, so I propposed a different painting, same subject, though, and this is it. I'm taking this opportunity to play a little more with some of the tones and contrasts, and see what happens as the art flows.

This is the underdrawing, it's raw umber on a canvas covered with gesso.

I'm also excited because last week I had a wall mounted easel fixed in my studio and it's working great!, I don't have a big space and this new easel allows me to get clutter out of the way and make the most out of my little studio.

I've been playing with the idea of taping maybe a tutorial or two on the basics of oil painting, it would be a nice project i guess, but knowing me it will take a long time because I'm going to want to learn ALL about video and audio recording - editing - uploading etc. that's what's putting me off a little...

Well, it's time for me to start mixing my colors and lay some oils onto this canvas, will write more as the painting develops :D

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